I kept my subscription to be able to get some of the goodies at the start of F2P and then planned to play it free. Well actually they kinda blackmail you to keep your payable account because the features of playing without are just so very bad :( That is very disappointing and I will have to decide if I stop playing totally.

High Level Crafting


It’s not much fun to fail a high level recipe, which is possible unfortunately -.- And should not be imo. It’s SO much work to get the blueprints, I need to do daily craft orders 4 or 5 times and therefore need A LOT of high level leather and wood, which costs hours to get on two chars. And then you buy the blueprint and IT FAILS and you have to start all over. I only succeeded twice so far and got so tired of the fails that again I didn’t play for some weeks. I am not a full time player -.- If it weren’t for the gifts we get when Wildstar becomes Free2Play I would cancel it for a few months again, just because I am so mad :/

Still playing^^


Haven’t posted for quite a while, but am still alive and kicking XD My second Stalker is also level 50 for some time now and she provides my main, who changed professions to architect, with the needed minerals and woods^^ My other twinks are between level 14 and 25 and atm I am especially leveling the Engineer and the Spellslinger. In the newest patch we got PETS yay and I immediately got me two Pumeras lol, I always thought they would make awesome pets. I also had my main gain the needed status to buy a Rowsdower XD And she worked her way to the blue spotted Jabbit hehe. Wished they had the augmented Jabbits too, those were the second most wanted for pets for me. Here are a few shots (love my Engi with his big group of friends lol :D the pet btw. is a chua invented pumera which we got as a present from Wildstar).



I rushed her to 40, following a quick-level guide that suggested to take on mobs up to 3 levels higher and change areas as soon as possible. So unfortunately I had to leave Farside very soon^^ All for the goal to get to the higher tier mats. She is doing mining 4 now, but for getting the wood she is still too low. So I found her a save place in an area surrounded by level 50s with one tree that she can get to, just because I didn’t want to wait with architect crafting XD

I also got a second challenge, the garbage one, where she can get more fame for decoration stuff. Though the best price is a cool chair, which only my main got so far:




My Twink made it to 31 and to my favorite Wildstar Area – Farside (Fernseits in German). I think this time I will buy the biodome for quick access there, even if it doesn’t really fit in my spooky environment lol. She now is able to do the next Mining and Survivalist levels, unfortunately I still need the higher Tier wood for architecture, so no pausing in leveling her yet^^ She just finished Biodome 3 and is on her way to #4 before she will finally get to the surface, which is the one area I like so much due to the outerspace feeling xD

This is her:
at level 30 with Farside helmet



Since the last post all I did was decorating the house of my main :D This was so much fun! It’s not 100% finished yet, but I like it a lot already. You find the pictures under „Housing“ in the above menu and there will be more of them over time^^

Elder Gems


blauerhirsch Drusera sent me to obtain a certain key from a certain vendor and when I saw it was the Elder Gem Vendor and 150 EG needed for the key I half laughed, half growled. How am I supposed to get Elder Gems when not doing PvP?? I got a handful through the Boom Box, but 150? When I tried to find out if there is another way I discovered something quite awesome: As soon as you hit 50, your experience bar does NOT STOP filling up. Just instead of filling up with EXP it gives you Elder Gems Points! How cool is that! Sure, there are limits on how many points you can get in a week, but at least it is an opportunity. I like the idea of making use of the exp bar xD

Today I went to the area where I can get the costume, found the Golden Tree, the vendor (that sells the costume parts to you even if you do not participate in the event) and met beautiful blue creatures :D Guess I’ll be questing here for a while^^ And inbetween I’ll try to get my second stalker higher for architect mats :P

50! :D


Yay! She made it! :D
And now I want that armor she was wearing a lot of times during the last quests! It’s a transformation and I think I saw players wearing it, so I hope this is something somewhere available. Posted the question in the forum, do not really expect an answer though :P And probably it’s an armor set which you will only get with glory or for doing pvp or anything else, so I will not be able to get it^^ Update: it seems to be Ruf (reputation) that you need, so there is a chance for me lol.

Transformation Armor

Update: surprisingly I got an answer, telling that the armor is buyable from the „Hüter“ (The Caretaker) after participating in the world event „Hüter des Hains“ (Guardians of the Grove). So I have to check it out lol. Found a video about it :) And here is a video where to find the vendor.
Another Video about the subject. By now I found out that it is deco armor of the name „Strain Costume“, in German probably „Verformung“.

Almost there^^


She is 49 and other than planned, I changed her profession to architect, cus it didn’t cost anything! Unfortunately she already reached Artisan (Fachmann) level and so now is at a point where the needed mats can only be bought unless I level my twink(s). Not sure what to do, probably I try to at least be able to craft the graveyard stuff for my „Gruselpark“ (Spooky Park) and then concentrate on getting her to level 50 resp. the twink(s) up to the needed mats level. Crafting is quite expensive, not only do you need the mats, but you also need mats during the process and lots of fails cost lots of mats o.O I am not that rich, 2 platin are eaten up fast and I have to hold back some money to pay for the repairs of the FABs.

This is my main, how she looks atm:
Level 49

Since I can not get Photobuckets Thumbnails to work, here are some text-linked pictures, hope it works^^

Home of my human twink: The Spooky Park (Gruselpark in German)
Home of my main: The Zen Garden / Chilling in the Elite Garden Area
Occupations: Mining / Survivalist
Environment: Giant Robot / Karaoke Challenge (afterwards the mobs try to kill you cus they are annoyed lol)

Some words on why I have a „Spooky Park“ :D I bought (or earned, dont remember) the Spooky Graveyard FAB kit with my human twink, expecting a hard challenge like the ones I tried before. But I was wrong – the challenge is quite easy and gives you nice rewards: Crowded Graves (which make awesome buildings when you scale them), Blackened Graspweeds (moving spooky black finger-like plants), The Corruption Collection (Eldritch collection in German = 1 of 5 colors, when you have them all you can sell the box) and – which is very awesome – you can get 150 Glory (Ruhm in German) each time. With Ruhm you can buy awesome housing items and this is the only way for me to get it since I am not doing all the other things that bring you Glory :P When I received so many Graves and Graspweeds I started to place them all over the place and as soon as I got the Staring Eye Ball (I think its actually called the Massive Ocular Eye) the idea was born to start a Spooky Park :D I collect everything that fits in the theme and it has grown quite nice already, if you are playing on Kazor you can visit it (look for „Gruselpark“) and you can even take the challenge, since it is open to all visitors :)